• Bench Scales & Food Scales
    Bench Scales & Food...

    Bench Scales are top loading scales that are suitable for bench top operation. The typical bench scale comes with the keyboard and display mounted below the weighing pan and integral to the scale base. However, low capacity platform scales (with separated weighing base and display/keyboard) also form part of the bench scale family. Food scales are also subset of the bench scale family. They are specifically designed to promote hygienic food preparation and manufactured from food grade materials.

  • Checkweighing Scales
    Checkweighing Scales

    Checkweighing Scales generally have the ability to accept operator input for a low setpoint value and high setpoint value.  Products weighed then "pass" or "fail" if they fall outside the setpoint values.  The scale usually indicates a "pass" or "fail" to the operator by means of indicator lights or audible tones or a combination of both.

  • Compact Scales & Portable Balances
    Compact Scales &...

    Compact Scales & Portable Balances are typically compact, top loading scales/balances. Their capacity and associated accuracy is generally less than a precision balance - thus enabling a lower cost product.

  • Counting Scales
    Counting Scales

    Counting Scales include any scale that is able to perform a piece counting function as well as its normal weighing functions. Piece counting is typically performed by direct input of piece weight or calculation of average piece weight through a sampling method.  Some counting scales offer a library function whereby piece weights can be stored for future reference. Counting scales are frequently used for stock taking.

  • Crane Scales & Hanging Scales
    Crane Scales & Hanging...

    Crane Scales and Hanging Scales are used in applications whereby the item being weighed is required to be suspended from the weighing scale. This is typical of lifting situations where the item dimensions and/or weight dispersion does not favour a top loading scale or where suspension from above is preferred over a bench or floor weighing methodology.  Some crane scales & hanging scales offer remote controls to facilitate operation.

  • Drum, Pallet Truck & Trolley Scales
    Drum, Pallet Truck &...

    Drum Scales are medium sized floor scales used for weighing drums - typically up to 44 gallons (217 litres).  Trolley Scales are mobile floor scales and are a useful option where scales need to be continually moved around to weigh items.  Pallet truck scales are used to lift, move and weigh pallet loads.

  • Floor Scales, Pallet Scales & Weighbeams
    Floor Scales, Pallet...

    Floor Scales are typically top loading scales of a high capacity and robust construction. Hence to support the scale and item weight, the weighing platform is floor mounted. High capacity platform scales, pallet scales and weighbeam scales make up the bulk of this family.

  • Freight Scales & Shipping Scales
    Freight Scales &...

    Freight Scales & Shipping Scales are typically lower resolution top loading scales with accuracies suitable for freight and shipping applications.  Scales with small bases are entirely suitable for bench operation, whereby larger base models may be more suitable to floor mounted operation.  Smaller models typically have the keyboard/display integral to the base assembly whereas large models normally have a display/keyboard that can be located remotely from the base.  Freight Scales & Shipping Scales are cost effective solutions for small to medium size postal/freight applications (i.e. < 300kg).

  • High Capacity Precision Balances
    High Capacity...
    High Capacity Precision Balances are top loading precision weighing instruments. They have capacities comparable to low-medium capacity bench or platform scales but with far more precise weighing intervals. They come in bench and floor mounting configurations.
  • Indicators

    Indicators are used to analyse weighing signals and display results, output to other devices and provide process control.

  • Intrinsically Safe IECEx Scales
    Intrinsically Safe...
    Intrinsically Safe IECEx Scales provide an effective solution for hazardous area weighing.
  • IP69K Waterproof Scales
    IP69K Waterproof Scales

    IP69K Waterproof Scales include any scale that has passed IP69K certification rating for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications. Such enclosures must not only be dust tight (IP6X), but also able to withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning. IP69K scales offer the highest ingress protection and are ideal for food processing industries.  When combined with marine grade stainless steel, they are also ideal for seafood related industries.

  • NMI Trade Approved Scales
    NMI Trade Approved Scales

    Australian Law requires that any scale that is used to weigh an item to determine it's sale price must have an NMI Approval Number and be verified by a licensed verifier or inspector.  All scales within this category are of an NMI approved design or pattern and are marked with an NMI Approval Number.  Please visit the NMI website for further information.

  • Platform Scales
    Platform Scales

    Platform Scales are top loading scales. The keyboard and display is normally mounted on a pole attached to the base but sometimes can be mounted remotely on a wall or desk. Low capacity platform scales are suitable for bench use, whereas higher capacity platform scales form part of the floor scale family.

  • Washdown Scales
    Washdown Scales

    Washdown Scales are generally of a specific design and construction to make them suitable for washdown applications. The term washdown can vary dramatically between manufacturers and customers are encouraged to read the technical data (especially IP Ratings) of individual scales to ensure they meet their requirements.

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